23 August 2010

About Hamburg, Fleamarkets and Evening-plans

  1. Shoes (21€), Skirt (11€), Millitary Blazer (19€), Primark
  2. Shirt, H&M 5€
  3. Bag, Present from Titus.

I found a St-Pauli Shop and bought a Shirt :D I was soo happy, i searched long times.

I've never seen a fleamarket like that. Every second state offered Jewelry and vintage Bags. And really EVERYONE was well dressed.

We spent our last evening at "Planten und Bloomen". It was very amazing!


Majbritt said...

Which fleamrarket was that or where ?
Great pictures :)

Vanessa said...

Total schöne Bilder! :)
Ich liiiebe Hamburg!