07 September 2010

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

(Skirt, present/ Shirt, St. Pauli, 15€/ Belt, Selfmade/ Hat, H&M 2€/red Shoes, Primark, 3 €)

I think my new skirt is very funny :D But he isn't conftable on the bycicle. My mums best friend asked me if i wanna get some clothes from her and so my wardrobe has grown up a bit now :D I'll color the skirt black, i think it would looks better. What do you think?

And: Today isn't the best weather, but nevertheless is my mood on top. Why? I applied for a job today (only for my holidays) and it looks good for me :D



Caro said...

hammer hammer hammer coole bilder! schöner blog!

HippieMädchen said...

Das Outfit mag ich, bis auf den Totenkopfanhänger.:)
Also besonders den Rock, Totenköpfe mag ich sowieso nicht so gern, aber bei Pauli ist das was anderes.:D

Pauline Bonaparte said...

ich mag die bilder, ich mag diesen stil, wunderbar!