04 September 2010

It's Chanel Baby.

I made those pics this morning, the sun smiles and the sky is bright. Perfect.
I tried to let it look like a Glamour-, Vogue- or something-else-Shooting. But i was to lasy to edit it with Photoshop. Do you like the result?
Now i have to go babysitting. Actually i didn't want to, but when i stand in front of my little neighboor and his mum i couldn't say no to this sunny, cute Smile in his face.
Well done Mimi...


WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

wow you look gorgeus love you chanel

Anonymous said...

i like :)

Paulien said...

Really cool outfit & pictures! Where did u get that Chanel-thing-necklace?

Vanessa said...

vielen dank :)

finde diese idee mit der kette gro├čartig und deine fotos sind auch klasse !

♥♥ Indah ♥♥ said...

Oh wow that is such a brilliant idea! Loving the DIY necklace, it's awesome! xx


Emilie said...

This pictures don't need editing, they are gorgeous!! You look really pretty :)

great blog!


thanks for visiting me

Sanzibell said...

geile idee :D ♥

Twinsblog said...

Die Kette ist ja mal echt genial!